dom℮stic ⛝ mat℮rials

dom℮stic ⛝ mat℮rials

Underneath you will find outcomes of a group discussion- some more like quick notes, others more extensive.

conversations keeps circling back to miss rona again & again - they changed their habits currently - and people seem to be afraid of going back to normal bc of fear of 2nd outbreak /consequences - regarding artistic practice - making more with the stuff you already have at home - reusing materials (painting on the back of paintings, using sculptures and materials to make new installations) - this makes people more creative in a way, they try things they never thought of before - scarcity makes us more creative (?) - some people enjoyed getting out of their studio setting into a more quite home with less distractions while other people felt this was a very oppressive situation they couldn't handle too well - other people tried to venture into completely new fields like curating/coding, learning more skills - or using this opportunity to get more organized, update websites, back up files, plan for future exhibtions etc

2 WE ARE ON LEVEL WITH AMATEURS- IS THERE AN ASSIGNMENT IN THIS? -Moving objects at home it’s a way to order your innerself, moving/creating spaces.
-Working with the neighborhood: collecting home recipes for making a cook book of the community with locally products > Appreciating what you have here.
-In this situation there aren’t bondaries between things but this disponibility of time makes you making your own stuff > so stop producing > stop being consuming cows.

We all have our own reaction: going inwards with personal belongings as focus points in the room, doing yoga, doing household tasks and caring for family, babysitting(caring for other families)...

4 ARE THERE MATERIALS WE SEE DIFFERENTLY? 4a - Using available objects
Rearranging, cleaning
Combining things into small sculptures
Making room for creativity
Trying out new processes and approaches. Eg. rubbing dirt on paper

4b -- Deconstruction due to lack of space
Deconstruction of own work
Change of perspective - making limited space into a whole
Recycling used up / disused material into art
Recycling art into art

4c --- Seeing different values in domestic materials
Distancing form and function (also decontructive)
Emphasised untidiness / cleanliness - seeing extreme perceptions
More ‘maintenance’ of space required due to more time spent in the same rooms
Knowing yourself through objects around the house; self-reflection through domestic material. More insight into domestic situations

Music / sound as domestic material - finding new ways to work with sound in a virtual space; ways that would carry on the sense of space that might accompany experiences with music. Different energy in the home environment, as opposed to outdoors or any public space. In this case it specifically applied to music and sound, yet could be applied to many others.

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